Debug port

Debug Port #

Position of debug port on Toniebox-PCB #


The debug port runs on 3.3 V

Layout debug port #

  10 9 8 7 6 
   1 2 3 4 5  


9SOP221 (indirect SOP0 35)

Tag-Connector for debug port #

To connect to the debug port a Tag-Connector can be used.

Datasheet: Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-NL

Available at: Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-NL

Alternative (cheaper): PCB Clip 1.27mm 5 Pin Double Row

Boot Mode #

The CC3200 device implements a sense-on-power (SoP) scheme to switch between two modes that are available within the Tonie project. (To switch between the boot modes a restart of the device is needed.) CC3200 datasheet 5.9.3

SWD Mode #

SOP2 (pin 9) low (standard) will activate the functional mode with a 2-wire SWD mapped to TCK (pin 7) and TMS (pin 8) of the debug port.

UART mode #

SOP2 (pin 9) high will activate the UART load mode to flash the system during development and in OEM assembly line

Extract Firmware #

Introduction #

Grab your favourite USB-UART 3.3V interface, recommending those with DTR or RTS port to automate board reset. You may also use a CC3200 Launchpad, but then you will need to reset it by hand. SOP2 need to be pulled high while reset to set the cc3200 into UART-Mode.

Toolset #

Use cc3200tool to extract the firmware. Just download it to your favorite location. You will need to install python3 (including pip3). The cc3200tool needs the package pyserial (which can be automatically installed via the You may install it manually via pip3 install pyserial.

Connection #

Please connect the toniebox to your power supply and/or battery. Please double check your UART that its VCC is 3.3V and not 5.0V. If your UART is missing DTR you will need to connect the Toniebox RST to GND for a moment before each command to reset the box. If you reset the box it should glow green all the time without booting and playing its startup jingle.


*Pin SOP2 of the Toniebox should be bridged with the VCC of the Toniebox.

If you have got problems check out the known problems and fixes.

Example commands #

You may replace COM3 with the right port on your computer (linux ex. /dev/ttyUSB0). Please add --reset dtr to each command (see 6.) if you have RST connected to DTR for auto reset. In addition, if you got connection issues, you may try to connect SOP2 to the RTS pin directly and add --sop2 ~rts to each command.

1List files in FatFS (useful to check the connection)cc3200tool -p COM3 list_filesystem
2Extract full firmwarecc3200tool -p COM3 read_flash firmware.dmp
3Extract all filescc3200tool -p COM3 read_all_files ./target_dir
4Extract singe filescc3200tool -p COM3 read_file /sys/mcuimg.bin ./sys/mcuimg.bin
5Extract firmware and filescc3200tool -p COM3 read_flash firmware.dmp read_all_files ./target_dir
6List files in FatFS with DTR auto resetcc3200tool -p COM3 --reset dtr list_filesystem
7List files in FatFS with DTR/RTS auto reset/sop2cc3200tool -p COM3 --reset dtr --sop2 ~rts list_filesystem

If you are done, either disconnect the box from the charger and battery or remove SOP2 from VCC and connect the Toniebox RST to GND for a moment to reset the box.

Log output #

The original bootloader and the original firmware do some logging to the serial port with baudrate 921600 ex. Linux: “screen /dev/ttyUSB0 921600” or under Windows with PuTTY.

bootloader #

CC3200 bootloader v1472818501 (09c6374) build: Fri Sep  2 14:15:01 CEST 2016 dl:1.2.0 sl: hw:tb-smt-16:1:13
loaded battery critical level = 3600
battery_level = 4823

original firmware #

QO      (�72-�3�]FWc041b2f13 Nov 17:47E�3�]Jc041b2f0.   (�2EU_V3.0.5-0E�3�]Jc041b2f<:   (�2EU_V3.0.5_stable_branchE�3�]Jc041b2f+)        (�92E�3�]&  (#2E�3�]]Jc041b (2SPE�3�]%#E�3��        2�
                                                  SP���E�3�]#!  �
                                                                  (�/�E�3�]20   �
                                                                                  (<2�E�3�]20   � (=2�
2%�80USDS�(�5\E�3�]#!E�3� (�9-�z[E�3�]  � (�72E�3�]@>   � (�
94E36D679CD9E�3�]#!     � (�/��E�3�]#!E�� (�/��E�3�]/�E�� (�02�E�3�]2�3�� #(�02-E�3�]#! � (�/�E�3�]#!   � (�/�E�3�]#!   �  (�/��E�3�]#! �! !(�0E�3�]#!      �" !(�0E�3�]    �# (�2E�3�]     �$ (�02E�3�]    �% (�&2�E�3�]   �& (�&2;E�3�]   �' (�&2�)E�3�]! �( (�&2�)NE�3�] �) (�&2�E�3�]       �* (�&E�3�]#!   �+ (�&@'|E�3�]  �, #(�02-E�3�]  �- (�72E�3�]#!  �. (�5`E�3�]    �/ (�2E�3�];9   �0 (�
1 (�22"content/00000001/00000000\���E�3�]#!     2 (�u��WE�3�]#! 3 (�9\�E�3�]'%  4 (�52E�3�]     5 (�52E�3�]#!2 E6 (�5u��WE�3�]  ;7 (�62�E�3�]       �8 (�%2E�3�]<:  9 (�2!�E�3�];9        �: (�
                                                                     2 E�3�]    �; (�2E�3�]     �< (�52E�3�]    = (�22\
                                                                                                                       E�3�]    ]> (�22E�3�]#!      ]? (�/�E�3�]/-  ]@ (�/2�E�3�]   ^A (�2E�3�]#!   ^B (�/��E�3�]   �C (�%2E�3�]20  �D (Z2E�3�]20   �E (<2�
/E�3�]20        �F (=2�
                       E�3�]MK  (G (��/v1/ota/4?cv=33545114E�3�]86       �H %(��L8�E�3�]EC  �I (�/v1/ota/4?cv=33545114E�3�]  �J (�82�E�3�]#! 0K (�8�JE�3�]53  L (�>2Fritz!Box 75905037E1B7F880����E�3�]'%  "-M %(�:2QE�3�]QO       #-N(�72-�3�]FWc041b2f13 Nov 17:47E�3�]Jc041b2f0.    $-O(�2EU_V3.0.5-0E�3�]Jc041b2f<:        %-P(�2EU_V3.0.5_stable_branchE�3�]Jc041b2f+)    &-Q �� 8�E�3�].,(�02/qT (�02_B$ 8�E�3�].,�020qU (�02_�� 8�E�3�]0.   1qV (�