tonieboxes.custom.json #

TeddyCloud uses the tonieboxes-custom-json file to read the metadata of customized tonieboxes in the same manner it’s done for the official boxine tonieboxes in the tonieboxes-json file. The structure is the same, but it’s not overwritten as the tonieboxes-json file through possible updates. So you can use the tonieboxes-custom-json to save metadata of your own customized Tonieboxes.

Initially the tonieboxes-custom-json file looks like the following:


After adding the meta information of your customized Toniebox the tonieboxes-custom-json file looks like this (more details see below in section Specification):

    "id": "11-0001",
    "name": "Customized Toniebox Teddycloud Limited Edition",
    "img_src": "http://teddycloud.local/customToniebox.png",
    "crop": [

This results after restart of TeddyCloud in the following changed appearance in the GUI:

new /web gui Edit Box model modal:

New GUI Toniebox Modal

Toniebox Card:

New GUI Toniebox Cards

Specification #

The tonieboxes-custom-json file uses the JSON Array Structure. It contains zero, one, or more ordered elements, separated by a comma. The JSON array is surrounded by square brackets [ ].

Each element consists of a JSON object with the following keys:

OptionExample valueDescription
id"11-0001"Model number (must be not one of the existing model numbers!
name"Customized Toniebox Teddycloud Limited Edition"Name of the customized Toniebox
img_src"http://teddycloud.local/customToniebox.png"url of the picture which shall be shown as customized Toniebox image in the GUI
crop[0,0,1]Array of 3 elements: [x, y, scale] with x and y as Image shift in x / y direction, scale as factor for scaling the image. Try the correct values till the image has the right size and it’s placed correctly.