Supported NAS/Server hardware

Supported NAS/Server hardware #

Teddycloud is supported on nearly all servers utilizing the x86_64, arm64, and armhf (linux/arm/v7) architectures, as Docker containers are available for these platforms. Below is a compilation of NAS/server hardware that has been successfully utilized to host TeddyCloud:

NAS / Server hardwareLimitations
Raspberry Pi 4-
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2.-
Raspberry Pi Zero 2slow on initial startup (expect 20 minutes and more for initial certificate creation!), encoding also very slow, possible crashes in some situations, but in general usable
Synology NAS DS923+ (DSM 7.2.1)-
Raspberry Pi ZeroDocker installation is a little bit tricky, getting it running could take some extra steps see

Consider using Alpine container instead of Ubuntu / Debian container if your server has limited resources.

If you’re utilizing alternative NAS/server hardware configurations, your contribution is welcome. Feel free to share your experience and insights with the community.

Tested Hardware, but not supporting TeddyCloud #

NAS / Server hardwareComment/Discussion/Links

If you’ve attempted to deploy TeddyCloud on specialized hardware without success, we encourage you to share your experience for community contribution. Conversely, if you’ve successfully implemented TeddyCloud on any of the mentioned hardware platforms, we invite you to document your process on our forum. Additionally, you’re welcome to transition your system to one of the officially supported configurations.