CC3200 #

You can use the cc3200tool to dump your certificates over the Tag Connect debug port of the box. If you have installed the HackieboxNG Bootloader you should already have those files in your backup. If not, you should install HackieboxNG. This will allow to to read and write files from/to microSD and flash by booting the Hackiebox CFW. Please drop the three .der files to /certs/client/.

Read certificates via Hackiebox CFW #

You may use wget to download the certificates or just copy the url into your browser and save them manually. First of all please boot the Hackiebox CFW, which should be in cfw1, so blue 1.

wget "http://$ip/api/ajax?cmd=get-flash-file&filepath=/cert/ca.der" -O ca.der
wget "http://$ip/api/ajax?cmd=get-flash-file&filepath=/cert/private.der" -O private.der
wget "http://$ip/api/ajax?cmd=get-flash-file&filepath=/cert/client.der" -O client.der

Read certificates via cc3200tool #

You can dump your certificates with the cc3200tool.

cc3200tool -p COM3 read_file /cert/ca.der cert/ca.der read_file /cert/private.der cert/private.der read_file /cert/client.der cert/client.der

Please continue with flash CA step for the CC3200