Dump certificates

Dump Certificates #

Generate certificates #

On first run teddyCloud will generate the CA and certificates with the starting date 2015-11-03. Those will be placed in /certs/server/. This also generates the replacement CA for the toniebox certs/server/ca.der.

Dump certificates of your toniebox #

You’ll need the flash:/cert/ca.der (Boxine CA), flash:/cert/client.der (Client Cert) and flash:/cert/private.der (Client private key). Place those files under /certs/client/*. You can either power the box with the battery (be sure it is not empty) or with the power supply. (recommended)

Keep a backup of the certificates, especially the client.der and private.der. Without it you won’t be able to connect to the cloud anymore!

Device specific #

As the dumping process is different for each type of box, continue with the device specific step for your device: