CC3200 with altUrl patch #

With a CC3200 box it is recommened to a altUrl patch. As a standard the fritzbox patch is set in HackieboxNG ofw2. The configuration file can be edited on your microSD (sd:/revvox/boot/ngCfg.json). #

If you have a fritzbox you can use the patch. You’ll just have to set the name of your server in your fritzbox to tc (Heimnetz -> Netzwerk -> Netzwerkverbindungen -> bearbeiten).

Other (custom dns) #

The altUrl.305 patch replaces the cloud urls with custom ones. Set the DNS entries for prod.revvox and rtnl.revvox to the TeddyCloud servers ip-address. You may also edit the patch yourself to set the ip-address directly. Please beware, it should not be longer than the original url, which is 12 characters.

Please continue with on the teddyCloud tool page from the beginning