How to get started?

How to get started? #

Let’s start from zero. You have just bought a brand new Toniebox or you just found your way to this website.

There are two paths you might choose from to get more out of your Toniebox.

The easy way (techless) #

You may already know creative tonies. This is the Tonies way to get your own content onto the box. We offer you an alternative way to replace all content on your Toniebox without the 90 minute or creative tonie only limit. You’ll need to remove the microSD from your Box and put it into your computer. With our software teddyBench you can edit the content on it. If you like you may also buy cheap SLIX-L Tags, assign your very own content to it with teddyBench and design your own figurines or even create them together with your children.

If you need some more detailed steps you may check out the Ultimate Noob Guide in our forum.

The complex way (tech-savy) #

If Docker, DNS, MQTT and Flash are no new words for you, you may go a step further. With the open-source server teddyCloud you can run your own toniebox cloud. This allows you to serve your own content to the box over the air and you can also download the original content from the original cloud. For that you’ll need to download and replace the certificates on the toniebox’ flash memory.

If you want to start straight ahead and own a v4 Toniebox (so based on ESP32) you may shortcut to Teddycloud ESP32 newbie documentation in our forum. For the other box versions and more technical details, just have a look here teddyCloud.