Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a way to find out which kind of box I have… #

… on the outside of the packaging? #

by made in X #

On the bottom of the box you can find if the box was made in china or hungary. Those from china are likely an ESP32 based box (01/2024).

by serial #

The serial number just indictates when (year + week) and on which production line it was produced. As there a still boxes produces with CC3200 and CC3235 chips, you may also get them, beside a ESP32 based one, if you buy a recent one. Tonies even reuses old pcbs for new boxes.

… on the outside of the toniebox itself (by mac)? #

If the box has a MAC on its cap, you may check if its a ESP32 based one or not. You may use macvendors for that. Boxes without a MAC are most likely a CC3200 based one, as the MAC wasn’t printed onto the CAP at the beginning.

What kind of box should I get? #

There are three different MCUs used. The CC3200 (v1/v2), the CC3235 (v3) and the ESP32 (v4). The CC3200 based box has the custom bootloader HackieboxNG and the custom PoC firmware Hackiebox available, but for the future we recommend the ESP32 based box.