HackieboxNG Bootloader

HackieboxNG Custom Bootloader for CC3200 #

Introduction #

HackieboxNG is the next generation bootloader for your cc3200 based toniebox!

HackieboxNG SD bootloader #

The HackieboxNG SD bootloader consists of two stages. The first stage is a sd bootloader which is called preload. This preloader then runs the stage two bootloader from microSD. This is the bootloader itself that allows selecting + running different firmwares.

Features #

  • Nine firmware slots
  • Loading any CC3200 standard firmware
  • Loading the original firmware directly
  • Simulate the OFW bootloaders behaviour
  • Patching binaries in memory for ex. domain name changes for teddyCloud , enable SLIX tags or disable charger wakeup (more)
  • Highly configurable via json files

Installation #

Please take a look into the wiki